Black Belt Basics

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This program was designed to help through your way from white to black belt.
The material gathered in this production is categorized into sections for your easy usage.


To ensure the best quality of presented techniques, we involved only the best instructors and contestants in the world. Among them you will find such celebrities as Master Jerzy Jedut and Mr. Jaroslaw Suska.
Master Jerzy Jedut

The coach of the legendary Polish National Team. The builder of Champions: Master Jerzy Jedut 7th Dan. General Secretary of AETF, President of technical training at PTA. Each year Master Jedut conducts many semiars around the world teaching thousands of Taekwon-do fans.

Mr. Gabriel Bendarczyk

Mr. Gabriel Bednarczyk
Participated in many technical seminars conducted by the Masters: Kim Jong Su, Ri Myong Chol, Jerzy Jedut, Wilem Jacob Bos, Tran Tieu Quan, Hector Marano, Pablo Trajtenberg, Kim Ung Lan and General Choi Chong Hi.

Mr. Jaroslaw Suska

Taekwon-do legend, multiple world and European champion. The best in the world - Mr. Jaroslaw Suska 6th Dan. Currently coach of Polish National Team, that won last European Championship with 22 gold medals (51 altogether).

Ms. Kamila Szustak

Ms. Kamila Szustak 2nd DAN Taekwon-do instructor and referee.
Multiple medalist of the European and World Championships and also World and European Cups. Started practising Taekwon-do wheb she was seven years old, now she owns Taekwon-do club.
Her greatest passion is to pass the spirit of Taekwon-Do to the youngest.