10 Ideas for Taekwon-Do Exercises with Master Jedut

Nowadays students, especially children are very demanding and get bored really fast. With a spectrum of other sports and activities we, as Taekwon-Do instructors, have to be constantly looking for a new ways to coach and entertain our young students. Sometimes it’s not easy, especially when instructing isn’t your only job.

We have chosen few ideas from our production – Black Belt Training Secrets vol. 1 that might help you when you’re out of ideas for your Taekwon-Do classes. Master Jedut is known from his energetic seminars at which you change exercise every few seconds an you are never bored. While playing and having fun you realize that you are warming up really fast.

So, here they are…

1. Pushup & 360 turn

warmingup.png  strength.png

Start with lying down. Make a push-up and turn 360 degrees and repeat. Do 10 times whole sequence. You feel your blood gets flowing because of the pushup and your torso it’s getting warmed up thanks to the turn. You can do it in pairs – who can do it faster?

2. Left To Right, Right To Left

warmingup.png  strength.png

Touch your left leg with your right hand and vice-versa in a position shown on video. Perform as fast as you can. Do as many as you can while instructor counts to 10. You think that’s easy? Try it!

3. Clap The Thigh

warmingup.png  speed

Holding partner’s hand and trying to clap his/her thigh. Move around a lot and change hands. This teaches students to maintain good distance, staying close to each other. Very often in these kind of exercises kids just run away and are chasing each other across the whole dojang. Holding hands prevents that and keeps them in spot, focusing on good movement and speed.

4. Spin & Catch

warmingup.png  speed

One person makes the spin, the other one just forces quick spins on the partner by throwing him a shield really fast. First option is to turn on the floor and the next is to turn in a jump! When playing with kids, you can use smaller shields or a ball.

5. VIP game

warmingup.png  strength.png  speed

One person is a VIP, who has his crazy fan. Fan is trying to touch, grab the VIP, bodyguard needs to protect the VIP, but can not punch or kick the fan of course. As you can see on the video the game is a great fun not only for kids, but also for adults.

6. Run or Get Hit Game

warmingup.png speed

People are lying in a circle. One (or more – if you have large group) attackers hit the chosen targets (other students) who can avoid hitting by lying next to other person, then that person is under attack. Now he/she can roll over to other person and is safe, or roll away and roll back, or jump in a pushup position. Basically you have to leave the spot you are in and join other (or the same) person. You can ‘leave’ by running away, rolling away, rolling away and back or jumping. After few minutes change the attackers.

7. Side To Side Pull with Resistance

warmingup.png strenth

Elastic bands – simple and cheap way to add a lot of options to your trainings. You can do so much with them. Here’s the example of working on your core muscles that you use in Taekwon-Do a lot. Pulling the elastic band both hands to one side and another. Perform at least 20 each side. You can tie them to gym ladders or let other person to hold them – it’s good exercise for both of them!

8. Balance Squat Catch & Throw


Try to keep balance and make a squat while standing on the shields and trying to catch and throw back the shield to partner. You are working on your legs and on your core stabilization muscles. And it’s always fun to watch others falling from the shields! You can challenge your students – who will perform more squats in this way?

Try to keep balance and make a squat while standing on the shields and trying to catch and throw back the shield to partner.

9. 3 Forward, 1 Backwards Jumps

CoordinationWarming Up

Now… Line up your students in a queue and arrange the shields in a way shown in the video. Make them jump both feet through the shields: three times forward one time backwards and so on. Do as fast as you can. Let your legs and mind work! Make sure there are spaces between students.

Last exercise here is from the second part – Black Belt Training Secrets 2… Our best-seller right now!

10. Sliding with Side-kick & Turning Kick or Back Kick


Slide forward with side kick and perform turning kick or back kick, depending on the shield’s movement.

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