Aim of Black Belt Project is to help learning and teaching Taekwon-do techniques and theory from range 10-1 kup. It consists of Black Belt Software (on DVD) and website, that will soon allow to use Black Belt Software on-line. Project is addressed both to new students starting their adventure with TKD as well as experienced instuctors and coaches.

Video sequences that are used in this program are presenting pattern way better than pictures. Learning new patterns with Black Belt is very easy, because they can be observed from four angles (front, back, right, left). There are also very helpful options like ‘step by step’ and ‘repeat the movement’.

The Project will consist of three or four seperate parts (each on one DVD):

  1. Black Belt Patterns Part 1 (Saju-Jirugi to Ge-Baek)
  2. Black Belt Masters (higher patterns)
  3. Black Belt Basics (Techniques, Theory, Stances, Dictionary)

More about content of entire project

1. Patterns

It is the heart of the program – you will find here forms Saju Jirugi and Saju Makgi and patterns from Chon-Ji to Choong-Moo. After choosing pattern we are accessing basic information about it, as name, meaning of the name, number of movements and video with pattern that we can watch from four different angles – front, back, left, right.
When video is played – names of the movements and their meaning are automatically changing with every movement. We can pause and rewind the video as we want.
Video can be played continuosly or we can choose ‘step by step’ mode and then video is paused after every move. There is also an option that allows you to repeat movement as many times as you want.

2. Stances
Here we have a list with stances that are used in patterns (10-1 kup). When we choose stance we access more details on it. We can see its front and side view. We can also check the diagram that helps us to correctly adjust position’s length and width and also feet angles while standing in this particular stance.

3. Dictionary
It is simple and yet very helpflul module, where we can find meanings of the korean names used during the training, championship or exam. It is possible to play mostly used commands and hear its correct pronunciation.

5. Taekwon-do theory
This section is divided into following categories:

  • Basics ( What is Taekwon-do, rules, history, origin etc..)
  • Blocking and atacking parts of the body
  • Hand techniques
  • Kicks
  • Body (vital points etc…)
  • Movements
  • Sample questions for the exams
  • Required techniques for exams from 10 to 1 kup

6. Website
Nowadays, when almost everybody has access to the Internet – it is essential to exist in this media. Programme will be installed on the server and everybody will be able to use it after sending an SMS. It is also possible to test this programme before buying it.

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