BB Training Secrets 2

What Will I Learn?

  • 1. You will learn Taekwon-Do movement in sparring. Exercises to make you faster and more unpredictable in sparring.
  • 2. As a coach you will get access to many different drills with shields and with sparring gear.
  • 3. Master Jedut will share with you words of wisdom from his long career as a one of the best coaches in the world.

Topics for this course

131 Lessons01h 30m


The Angle Of Stance00:01:26
Crossing Legs00:00:52
Move Forward From The Spot00:00:45
Switch Stance00:00:23
Moving To The Side00:01:30
How To Turn00:01:16
Cross & Switch00:01:17
Cross, Switch & Turn00:03:51
Slide Forward, Slide Backwards00:01:57
Step Forward, Step Backwards00:01:11
Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Backwards00:03:28
Side Motion00:05:28
Step Forward, Slide Backwards00:01:56
Move To The Side & Switch Stance00:00:27
Step Forward, Switch & Slide Backwards00:00:51
Switch & Slide00:01:10
Change Direction To The Side00:01:27
Change Direction Tricks00:03:04
Avoid, Step Forward, Avoid00:00:38
Two Steps Forward & Switch00:00:00
Two Steps Forward/Step Backwards00:00:15
Two Steps Forward & Cross00:00:06
Step Forward & Switch00:00:09
Two Quick, One Slow & Slide Back00:00:17
Switch & Avoid To The Side00:01:14
Going Forward With The Punch00:00:20
Going Forward With The Punch00:00:15
Slide Backwards & Avoid00:00:08
Slide Back & Flying Punch Forward00:00:12
Slide Back & Double Flying Punch Forward00:00:12
Two Steps Forward, Step Backwards & Flying Punch00:00:07
Move To The Side & Run00:00:14
Step Forward, Slide Back, Flying Punch Forward00:00:06
Avoid To The Side & Flying Punch Towards The Center Line00:00:22
Body Waving In Pairs00:04:22
Change Position After Two Steps in Pairs00:00:46
Cross Legs & Two Steps Forward, Cross Again00:00:15
Cross Legs, Switch Stance & Two Steps Forward00:00:35
Two Steps & 180 Turn CW00:00:44
Shadow Game00:00:12
Keep Distance00:02:50
Shadow Game (Forward/Backwards/Side)00:00:13
Touch Targets In Motion00:00:16


Exercises with shields.

Gear UP!

Master’s Wisdom

About the instructor

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6 Courses

216 students


Material Includes

  • 135 videos in HD format.

Target Audience

  • Coaches & instructors. Serious Taekwon-Do Students.
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