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First Part of Master Jedut’s Training Secrets.

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Pushup & Roll Over00:00:25
Legs Behind & Roll Over00:00:21
Pushup & 360 Turn00:00:32
Pushup/Roll Over/Legs Behind00:00:25
Pushup & Belly Turn00:00:22
Arms Wide – Left To Left/Right To Right00:00:44
High Jumps Backwards00:00:30
High Jumps Forward00:00:22
All Three Backwards00:00:22
All Three Forward00:00:54
All Fours Forward00:00:55
Straight Leg Jumps – Backwards00:00:25
Arms Wide – Left To Right On Back00:00:33
Arms Wide – Left To Right On Belly00:00:25
Right To Left, Sit & Bend00:00:44
Turning Around Using Arms00:00:55
Kicking Up00:00:55
Left To Right, Hand To Foot00:00:44
Turns On The Floor00:00:22
Turns In A Jump00:00:55
Left Right, Right Left Jumping Turns00:00:55
High Jump Turns00:00:30
Core Muscles Turn00:00:25
Legs Behind & Pushup00:00:32
Squat On Count00:00:33
Knees To Chest Jumps00:00:44
Hands On Hips, Knees To Chest00:00:44
Hight Jumps From Squat00:00:00
Hands On Hips, High Jumps00:00:55
Knees To Chest Jump From Squat00:00:44
Jump On One, Other To Chest00:00:33
3-Phase Front Kick00:01:11
Knee Kick, Front Kick00:00:44
3-Phase Side Kick00:00:44
3-Phase Jumping Jacks00:00:33
Belly, Back, Up00:00:33
Straight Leg Jumps00:00:44
Straight Leg Backwards Jumps00:00:44
Frog Jumps00:00:34
Spider Run Forward00:00:33
Spider Run Backwards00:00:33
All Fours Backwards00:00:33
Dragging Soles Of The Feet00:00:44

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