Yellow Belt Package (8th & 7th Kup)

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All that you need for yellow belt and yellow belt with a green tag exam. Techniques, stances, patterns, step-sparring and self-defense. All presented and described by Master Jaroslaw Suska VII Degree. Full HD videos with English voice-over.

What Will I Learn?

  • Hand techniques
  • Leg techniques
  • Step sparring
  • Patterns
  • Self-defense
  • Theory

Topics for this course

29 Lessons01h 30m

Yellow Belt (8th Kup)

Theory & Sample Exam Questions

Hand Techniques

Leg Techniques

Step Sparring


Self Defense

Yellow Belt with a Green Tag – 7th Kup

Hand Techniques

Leg Techniques

Ibo Matsogi – 2 Step Sparring

Self – defense


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Target Audience

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