Master Tadeusz Loboda – AETF President, PTA President‘Black Belt’ is the multimedia program for learning Taekwon-Do. It combines learning techniques and theory of Taekwon-Do. Masterly performance of Mr. Jaroslaw Suska, five times World Champion and twentieth-time European Champion in patterns, makes it an indispensable element while preparing for subsequent exams and tournaments. The software is developed in cooperation with the Polish Taekwon-Do Association. I strongly recommend buying this software.

Mr Lazaros Tsilfidis – President of All Russian Taekwon-Do ITF FederationOur Polish colleagues once again pleased us. We have always admired the Polish Federation of Taekwon-Do ITF. For more than 20 years, it holds the palm in the Championships and the European Championship. Stable member of the top three countries in the world. This is a result of its professional approach. Multimedia program – a new development, which allows us to see individual pattern from four angles at the same time to read the name of each technical action. Technique performs the strongest athletes in the world on the program Pattern – Jaroslaw Suska, a graduate of the Secretary General Pan-European Federation of Master Jerzy Jedut. This program is an invaluable aid as an instructor and his students. I fully support this program and recommend it to anyone.

Mr Harry van Schaik – 6th Degree – Member of ITF Development Committee
A few years back I met Mr Lukasz Grygiel from ITF Poland at a competition and he told me he was working with our most rewarded senior in males patterns, Sabum Jaroslaw Suska, to make a DVD. I liked the idea and we discussed a couple of times about the progress of the DVD. When the DVD got released I saw immediately that this was a tool what could help all practitioners from white belt to the higher degrees to get more information of the patterns. A lot of our club students bought this software with my recommendation. I congratulate Mr Lukasz Grygiel, Master Loboda and Master Jedut with this excellent tool to show the world the excellence of Sabum Suska which we had the honor to host for a seminar a few years back in the Netherlands. I look forward to the latest edition and I think an asset for every serious Taekwon-Doin in and out of competion.

Master Jerzy Jedut – VII DAN – Vice-president of PTA 
This is the first such program in the world, its aim is to record patterns and techniques of Taekwon-do ITF. Patterns are recorded from four cameras, so the students of Taekwondo can easily learn from this program. it is important to learn from the best example and Jarek is the best in the world when it comes to performing patterns. I think it’s a very good idea – especially for training and also for posterity.

I started teaching my black belt class using drills from BB Training Secrets Combo, they were amazed and kept asking – “Where did you get all those ideas from? Every time there’s something new!” And I know that I have just scratched the surface of the content! I am very happy with both programs. Well, actually I’m happy with all Black Belt Project products as I have them all! “ 
Ron van der Lee

“First I’ve got the books from Black Belt Project and loved them! Easy to follow, great reference while learning and refreshing patterns, but I must say – the mobile app is what I always wanted. Now I can perform pattern with my smartphone in my hand and check the next step whenever I need, without having to step out of the diagram. It makes learning new movements a lot easier!” 
Jair Stenhuijs

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