So, you are serious about your Taekwon-Do career and want your club to grow bigger and bigger. We strongly believe that we can grow together. With Coaching-BlackBelt.Com platform  you get all free videos that are uploaded to our website at the moment of purchase and all the free content that will be added by us, during the 12 months period from your purchase. The number of existing videos is still rising to reach around 1000!

Also you may purchase additional videos from our users that have Unlimited Subscription and are selling their own videos through our platform and of course soon you will be able to sell your videos to other users!

This plan goes with  The Black Belt Training Planner  through which you can:

  • Add your targets/goals
  • Add your groups and weekly trainings
  • Generate trainings
  • Compose your own trainings
  • Add trainings to your groups
  • Schedule your trainings in your personal calendar
  • Upload unlimited  number of your own exercises
  • Use the statistics to monit your progress and better plan your training season
  • Add personal notes to your generated trainings
  • More functionalities coming soon!

Welcome Among Black Belt Project Distibutors!

For many years we were getting great feedback on our products. Many people recommend Black Belt Project to each other and for that we are really thankful and we hope that you will spread the word about this new project too… With the Advance Plan we are welcoming you among our distributors, so you are the part of the Team right now. We are really excited about that! The good thing is that you don’t need to make any investments at all!  Just make sure your friends, instructors and anybody you can reach, sign up to any of our subscription using your affiliate link.

Upload & Sell Your Ideas

By choosing the Unlimited Plan not only you are getting the option of unlimited upload of your exercises, but also you will be able to sell your videos soon. Just as the number of users is building up, we are working on the functionality that will let you sell your exercises through this platform. Of course all the content must be approved to match the quality of the rest of videos. Also you will be asked to publish some free videos so the users can test your content.

This can be great option if you basically know what you are doing…